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Research-Enriched Academic Challenge - REACH

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Daniel Bach

Major: Cinema and Photography 

Dan's project will explore a curious place in Makanda, IL known as The Rainmaker's Garden. The project is to create a documentary film and on-site art installation that explores how our experience of places evoke intimate experiences, memories, and dreams.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jyotsna Kapur, Ph.D., Cinema Studies & Sociology

John Barron

Major: Physics

This project aims to test plausible techniques for direct inkjet printing of graphene onto a substrate in order to further research into flexible electronics and energy related applications.Supercapacitors (also known as Ultracapacitors or Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors) bridge the gap between batteries, which store large amount of energy, and capacitors, which charge and discharge very quickly. Our lab has been studying specifically  the application of various layered materials such as Graphene and MOS2 for creating these supercapcitors using a liquid-phase exfoliation (LPE) process to synthesize 2D nanoflakes and a vacuum filtration process for deposition onto a testable membrane. To make a more efficient process for construction of supercapacitors, this experiment will work to create a conductive ink from the LPE sample and utilize 2D printing for substrate deposition. 2D printing of electrically active materials is a more recent area of study and allows for directly depositing the electrical materials, in the form of ink, onto a substrate using a standard printer. This allows for easy and efficient deposition as well as opens the possibility of creating flexible and patterned electronics. From the printed deposition, supercapacitors would be constructed and put through electrochemical tests including cyclic voltammetry and galvanostatic charge-discharge. These printed supercapacitors would then be compared to the previously tested supercapacitors that were created using graphene based materials the vacuum filtration deposition process.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Saikat Talapatra, Ph.D., Physics

Ariadna Cairo

Major: Microbiology

Gisela Cairo

Major: Chemistry and Microbiology