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Research-Enriched Academic Challenge - REACH

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

2010 REACH Award Winners

Margaret Anderson          
Evaluation of Two Forest Management Practices in Southern Illinois Oak-dominated Forests             
Faculty Mentor: Eric Holzmueller, Forestry                            

Michael Beck
The Accumulation of CO2 within Microalgae Biomass        
Faculty Mentor: Yong Gao, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nicholas Defreitas            
Analyzing the Phylogeny of Mesodon        
Faculty Mentor: Frank Anderson, Zoology               

Antwuan Donley               
Investigation of Matrix Modified NALDI Mass Spectrometry            
Faculty Mentor: Mary Kinsel, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Kirsten Eckstrum
Expression of Natriuretic Peptides and their Receptors in the Mouse Uterus during Implantation       
Faculty Mentor: Brent Bany, Physiology

Kimberly Elsenbroek
Plant Biology      
Effects of Interactive Outdoor Education on Understanding Ecological Principles and Appreciation of Nature in Elementary School Children
Faculty Mentor: Sara Baer, Plant Biology 

Christin Fotis       
Plant and Soil Science      
Gene Evolution in Pilostyles, a Parasitic Plant         
Faculty Mentor: Matt Geisler, Plant Biology           

Lana Gosnell       
Cairo:  Then and Now      
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Ensor / Kay Carr, History

Kelsey Jarrett      
A Study to Examine the Interactions between DEAF-1 and p53 Tumor Suppressor    
Faculty Mentor: Jodi Huggenvik, Physiology

Jordan Kabat      
Mechanical Engineering
Experimental and Analytical Study of Parameters for Scale-up Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes       
Faculty Mentor: Max Yen, Material Technology Center      

Steven Kocher, William Sedig & Brandon Vieth      
Grasshopper, Rhinoceros, Arduino:  Physical Exploration of Digital Protocol              
Faculty Mentor: Shai Yeshayahu  , Architecture     

Bibi Lehman        
Magma Flow Pattern in Karoo Dolerite Sills and Implications for Mantle Plume Hypotheses 
Faculty Mentor: Eric Ferre, Geology          

Ryan Lichtenstein             
Radio TV              
Robbie, The Space Raccoon          
Faculty Mentor: H.D. Motyl, Radio TV       

Misty McElyea    
Plant Biology      
Potential Toxicity of Automotive Brake Dust on Plant Germination and Growth        
Faculty Mentor: David Gibson, Plant Biology          

Mary Meadows  
Accounts of United States Soldiers through Poetic Voice   
Faculty Mentor: Judy Jordan, English         

Ivy Nickels           
Plant Biology      
Experimental Determination of Breeding Systems in Sand Verbenas and Sand Puffs
Faculty Mentor: Sedonia Sipes, Plant Biology         

Amber Owens     
Antimocrobial Organosilica Sol-Gel Coatings and Treatments for Biomedical Application      
Faculty Mentor: Bakul Dave, Physiology   

Anthony Sparer  
Plant Biology      
Gene Expression in Plant Competition       
Faculty Mentor: Matt Geisler, Plant Biology           

Courtney Strieker             
The Behavioral and Apoptotic Effects of Deaf1 Knockout in Mouse Brain    
Faculty Mentor: Michael W. Collard, Physiology    

Nathan Wachter               
Effects of Nicotine and Emotional Priming on Ability of Inhibit Eye-Gaze Toward Emotional Stimuli in an Antisaccade Task        
Faculty Mentor: David Gilbert, Psychology              

LaCharles Ward 
Speech Communication  
Negotiating Identities:  African American Gay Men              
Faculty Mentor: Rachel Griffin, Speech Communication     

Rosalind Whitley               
A Collection of Original Poems     
Faculty Mentor: Rodney Jones, English     

Kate Zimmerman              
Human Nutrition & Dietetics         
Fatty Acid Profile and Peroxidative Stability in Soy-Maximized Hybrid Striped Bass   
Faculty Mentor: Sylvia Smith/Jesse Trushenski, Animal Science, Food & Nutrition/Fisheries