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Research-Enriched Academic Challenge - REACH

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

2009 REACH Award Winners

Ryan Babich 
Human Nutrition & Dietetics 
"Cradle-to-Grave": Analysis of Southern Illinois University's Sustainable Food Service Practices 
Faculty mentor: Sylvia Smith, Human Nutrition & Dietetics 

Drake Caraker 
Music Theory & Composition 
"Unbounded Harmony: Integrating Traditional Compositional Concepts into Modern Tonality to Expand the Narrative Ability of Music in Film" 
Faculty mentor: Frank Stemper, Music 

Joshua Chin 
"Neural Correlates of Occluded Motion Processing: Enhancing Memory for Motion" 
Faculty mentor: Matthew Schlesinger, Psychology 

Gregory Cresswell 
"Modification and Stabilization of MHC Class I Molecules for Use in DNA Vaccines" 
Faculty mentor: John Martinko, Microbiology 

Justin Dewey 
"An Investigation of Southern Illinois Anglers' Beliefs and Practices Associated with Aquatic Nuisance Species" 
Faculty Mentor: Erin Seekamp, Forestry 

Darcy Ernat 
"Stable Isotopic Indicators of Population Structure and Natal Habitats of Asian Carps Threatening to Invade the Great Lakes" 
Faculty mentor: Gregory Whitledge / Quinton Phelps, Fisheries Illinois Aquaculture 

Neil Eschmann 
"Preparation of Laser-Polarized Xenon at High Xe Densities and He Resonant Laser Powers Provided by Volume Holographic Grating-Narrowed LDAs" 
Faculty mentor: Boyd Goodson, Chemistry & Biochemistry 

Krymese Frazier 
"Construct Validation of the Sexually Harassing Activities Questionnaire" 
Faculty mentor: Margaret Stockdale, Psychology 

Jeremy Hartsock 
Biological Sciences 
"Does Outer Dynein Exist in Land Plant Flagella: A Combined Bioinformatic and TEM Study" 
Faculty mentor: Karen Renzaglia, Plant Biology 

Samuel Hughes 
"Taxol Precursor Production in Physcomitrella patens
Faculty mentor: Aldwin Anterola, Physiology 

Steve Looten, Jr. 
"Loss of Innocence: A Live Production of Bert V. Royal's Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
Faculty mentor: David Rush, Theater 

Wade Morrison 
Cinema & Photography 
"Imaginatively Real: Incorporating Naturalistic Documentary Elements into a Fictional Formalistic Narrative Film" 
Faculty mentor: Walter Metz, Cinema & Photography 

Kilby Osborn IV 
"Evaluation of Memory Impairment in Rat Models of Type I and Type II Diabetes" 
Faculty mentor: Gregory Rose, Physiology 

Charles Pugh 
"Community Analysis of the Acid Mine Drainage from the Abandoned Tab Simco Mine" 
Faculty mentor: Kelly Bender, Microbiology 

Lucas Pulley 
Mechanical Engineering 
"Friction, Wear, and Toughness Comparison of Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts, Tungsten Carbide, and Intermetallic-Bonded Diamond Composites" 
Faculty mentor: Peter Filip / Dale Wittmer, Mechanical Engineering & Energy Processes 

James Sanders 
Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering 
"Exploring Chiral Interactions Through Computational Modeling" 
Faculty mentor: Matt McCarroll, Chemistry & Biochemistry 

Jarod Shelton 
"Assessment of the Effects of a Ketogenic Diet on Alzheimer's Disease Progression" 
Faculty mentor: Peter Patrylo, Physiology 

Tara Webb 
"Waiting for a More Certain Future: Decision Making in a Video Game" 
Faculty mentor: Michael Young, Psychology 

Ashley Wilson 
Political Science 
"Neighborhood Tracks: Railroads and the Construction of Space in Chicago (1887-1917)" 
Faculty mentor: Laura Hatcher, Political Science 

Jessica Young 
"Predicting Early Onset Delinquency in Young Children: A Look at Parent-Child Interactions" 
Faculty mentor: Lisabeth DiLalla, School of Medicine/Psychology