2008 | REACH | SIU

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Research-Enriched Academic Challenge - REACH

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

2008 REACH Award Winners

Joseph Batir 
"Verification of Grave Sites Using Geophysical Methods at the Holliday Cemetery" 
Faculty mentor: Harvey Henson, Geology 

Andrew Dennhardt 
"Ultraviolet Radiation Perception as a Foraging Technique for Two Nocturnal Avian Species: The Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl" 
Faculty mentor: Michael Eichholz, Zoology 

Heather Foslund 
"Sediment Toxicity of Pyrethroids in Urban Creeks" 
Faculty mentor: Michael Lydy, Zoology 

Lisa Furby 
Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 
"Novel Sensor for the Extraction of Potassium and Sodium in Biomedical Applications" 
Faculty mentor: Ajay Mahajan, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes 

Alicia Guebert 
Art History 
"The Creole House: Research, Preservation, and Interpretation" 
Faculty mentor: Stacey Sloboda, Art and Design 

Robert Ham 
"Production of Taxol Precursors in the Moss Physcomitrella patens
Faculty mentor: Aldwin Anterola, Plant Biology 

Sarah Heck 
"McTBI: Does a Fast Food Diet Worsen Behavioral Outcome Following a Traumatic Brain Injury?" 
Faculty mentor: Michael Hoane, Psychology 

Jennie Irwin 
Rehabilitation Institute 
"Enhancing Treatment Outcomes for Methamphetamine Abusers Utilizing Contingency Management Techniques" 
Faculty mentor: D. Shane Koch, Rehabilitation Institute 

Lauren Kacz 
"Use of Volume Sensitive Organosilica Sol-Gels in Dynamic Modulation of Protein Folding-Unfolding Pathways" 
Faculty mentor: Bakul Dave, Chemistry 

Merry Lanker 
Art Education 
"Art and Literature" 
Faculty mentor: Sally Gradle, Art and Design 

Chasity Love 
"Study of the Adsorption of Small Copper Clusters on the Surface of Zinc Oxide" 
Faculty mentor: Lichang Wang, Chemistry 

Kevin Loyd 
"The Effect of Self-Generated Versus Externally Imposed Rules on Human Learning" 
Faculty mentor: Eric Jacobs, Psychology 

Gareth McGee 
"Molecular Investigation of Perchlorate-Reducing Bacteria Associated with Native Illinois Plants" 
Faculty mentor: Laurie Achenbach, Microbiology 

Elizabeth Patterson 
Biological Sciences 
"Discovering the Role of Forkhead Transcription Factor Foxj1 and Its Role in Pituitary Development and Maintenance" 
Faculty mentor: Buffy Ellsworth, Physiology 

Mame Redwood 
Plant Biology 
"Biological and Artistic Illustration of Plant Life Cycles" 
Faculty mentor: Jane Geisler-Lee, Plant Biology/Erin Palmer, Art and Design 

Shanna Strieker 
"Cell Models of Embryogenesis and Tumorigenesis" 
Faculty mentor: Jodi Huggenvik, Physiology 

Gary Vancil Jr. 
"Antarctic Foraminiferal Taphonomy and Its Effect on Paleoenvironmental Proxies" 
Faculty mentor: Scott Ishman, Geology 

Stacie Wallace 
"'We Were Only Playing': An Exploration of Playful Aggression and Gender and Its Impact on the Initiation of Aggression" 
Faculty mentor: Rebecca Weston, Psychology 

Sara Beth Wells 
"CPEB Zinc Finger Domain Structure and Interactions with mRNA, Symplekin, and CPSF" 
Faculty mentor: Brian Lee, Chemistry 

Ann Womack 
"Synergistic Tumor Suppressor Activity of DEAF-1 and p53 in a Conditional Mouse Model for Prostate Cancer" 
Faculty mentor: Michael Collard, Physiology